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Accessory Nerve
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neoplasm = ACCESSORY NERVE DISEASES (IM) + CRANIAL NERVE NEOPLASMS (IM) + histological type of neoplasm (IM)
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The 11th cranial nerve which originates from NEURONS in the MEDULLA and in the CERVICAL SPINAL CORD. It has a cranial root, which joins the VAGUS NERVE (10th cranial) and sends motor fibers to the muscles of the LARYNX, and a spinal root, which sends motor fibers to the TRAPEZIUS and the sternocleidomastoid muscles.
Entry Term(s)
Cranial Nerve XI
Eleventh Cranial Nerve
Nerve XI
Nervus Accessorius
Spinal Accessory Nerve
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WL 330
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injuries:Accessory Nerve Injuries
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Accessory Nerve Preferred
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