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Nogo Proteins
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Myelin proteins that are expressed as three isoforms: Nogo-A, Nogo-B, and Nogo-C. These share a C-terminal reticulon homology domain (RHD), consisting of two hydrophobic membrane domains flanking a 66 amino acid (Nogo-66) hydrophilic region. A long transmembrane region allows conformations that either span the entire membrane or fold into a hairpin conformation. Nogo inhibits NEURITE outgrowth and modulates wiring and the restriction of SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY in the adult central nervous system. It also regulates neurite fasciculation, branching, and extension in the developing nervous system.
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NI-220 Protein
NI-250 Protein
NI-35 Protein
Neurite Growth Inhibitor 35-350
Nogo Protein
Nogo-66 Protein
Nogo-A Protein
Nogo-B Protein
Nogo-C Protein
Reticulon 4-B Protein
Reticulon-4 Protein
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2017; NOGO PROTEIN was indexed under MYELIN PROTEINS 2000-2016
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2017 (2000)
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Nogo-C Protein Narrower
Neurite Growth Inhibitor 35-350 Narrower
Nogo-A Protein Narrower
NI-35 Protein Narrower
Nogo-B Protein Narrower
Nogo-66 Protein Narrower
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