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Dissection, Blood Vessel MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Dissection, Blood Vessel
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coordinate with specific aneurysm term if available; otherwise coordinate with specific vessel or precoordinated vascular disease
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A tear or separation of the layers by a blood vessel typically involving vessels under pressure, i.e., ARTERIES, e.g., AORTA. Tearing of the TUNICA INTIMA layer of a blood vessel may lead to interstitial HEMORRHAGE. Dissection between the tunica intima and TUNICA MEDIA causes luminal occlusion. Dissection at the media, or between the media and the outer ADVENTITIA causes aneurismal dilation.
Entry Term(s)
Arterial Dissection
Blood Vessel Dissection
Dissection Artery
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2023; see ANEURYSM, DISSECTING 2017-2022
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2023; use ANEURYSM, DISSECTING 2017-2022
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Dissection, Blood Vessel Preferred
Arterial Dissection Narrower
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