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Fibrocystic Breast Disease MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Fibrocystic Breast Disease
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commonly chronic so do not coordinate with CHRONIC DISEASE; breast cyst fluid in fibrocystic breast disease: coordinate IM with CYST FLUID (NIM); BREAST CYST is also available
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A common and benign breast disease characterized by varying degree of fibrocystic changes in the breast tissue. There are three major patterns of morphological changes, including FIBROSIS, formation of CYSTS, and proliferation of glandular tissue (adenosis). The fibrocystic breast has a dense irregular, lumpy, bumpy consistency.
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Adenosis of Breast
Breast Dysplasia
Chronic Cystic Mastitis
Cystic Breast Disease
Cystic Disease of Breast
Fibrocystic Changes of Breast
Fibrocystic Disease of Breast
Fibrocystic Mastopathy
Mammary Dysplasia
Microglandular Adenosis
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WP 840
Previous Indexing
Breast Diseases (1966-1979)
See Also
Breast Cyst
Public MeSH Note
2005; see FIBROCYSTIC DISEASE OF BREAST 1984-2004, see BREAST DISEASES 1980-1983
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2005 (1980)
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Fibrocystic Breast Disease Preferred
Microglandular Adenosis Narrower
Chronic Cystic Mastitis Narrower
Cystic Breast Disease Narrower
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