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Hypothalamus, Anterior MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Hypothalamus, Anterior
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diseases: coordinate IM with HYPOTHALAMIC DISEASES (IM); do not confuse with ANTERIOR HYPOTHALAMIC NUCLEUS
Scope Note
The front portion of the HYPOTHALAMUS separated into the preoptic region and the supraoptic region. The preoptic region is made up of the periventricular GRAY MATTER of the rostral portion of the THIRD VENTRICLE and contains the preoptic ventricular nucleus and the medial preoptic nucleus. The supraoptic region contains the PARAVENTRICULAR HYPOTHALAMIC NUCLEUS, the SUPRAOPTIC NUCLEUS, the ANTERIOR HYPOTHALAMIC NUCLEUS, and the SUPRACHIASMATIC NUCLEUS.
Entry Term(s)
Anterior Hypothalamic Commissure
Anterior Hypothalamic Decussation of Ganser
Anteroventral Periventricular Nucleus
Hypothalamus, Supraoptic
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83; was see under HYPOTHALAMUS 1975-82
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83(75); was see under HYPOTHALAMUS 1975-82
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Hypothalamus, Anterior Preferred
Hypothalamus, Supraoptic Narrower
Anterior Hypothalamic Commissure Narrower
Anteroventral Periventricular Nucleus Narrower
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