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coordinate with specific precoordinated intestinal disease term; ileocolic intussusception = ILEAL DISEASES + INTUSSUSCEPTION but not also COLONIC DISEASES; ileocecal intussusception = ILEOCECAL VALVE + INTUSSUSCEPTION + ILEAL DISEASES but not also CECAL DISEASES; cecocolic intussusception = CECAL DISEASES + INTUSSUSCEPTION but not also COLONIC DISEASES; Gastroduodenal intussusception = PYLORUS + STOMACH DISEASES + INTUSSUSCEPTION but not also DUODENAL DISEASES
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A form of intestinal obstruction caused by the PROLAPSE of a part of the intestine into the adjoining intestinal lumen. There are four types: colic, involving segments of the LARGE INTESTINE; enteric, involving only the SMALL INTESTINE; ileocecal, in which the ILEOCECAL VALVE prolapses into the CECUM, drawing the ILEUM along with it; and ileocolic, in which the ileum prolapses through the ileocecal valve into the COLON.
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Invagination, Intestinal
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WI 450
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