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infection = LEISHMANIASIS or its specifics; coordinate with specific protozoan terms (ANTIGENS, PROTOZOAN, etc) if pertinent; a virus infecting Leishmania is named LEISHMANIAVIRUS: see note there
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A genus of flagellate protozoa comprising several species that are pathogenic for humans. Organisms of this genus have an amastigote and a promastigote stage in their life cycles. As a result of enzymatic studies this single genus has been divided into two subgenera: Leishmania leishmania and Leishmania viannia. Species within the Leishmania leishmania subgenus include: L. aethiopica, L. arabica, L. donovani, L. enrietti, L. gerbilli, L. hertigi, L. infantum, L. major, L. mexicana, and L. tropica. The following species are those that compose the Leishmania viannia subgenus: L. braziliensis, L. guyanensis, L. lainsoni, L. naiffi, and L. shawi.
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Leishmania (Leishmania)
Leishmania (Viannia)
Leishmania leishmania
Leishmania viannia
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QW 243
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Leishmania Preferred
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Leishmania (Leishmania) Narrower
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