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X-Ray Intensifying Screens MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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X-Ray Intensifying Screens
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Screens which absorb the energy in the x-ray beam that has penetrated the patient and convert this energy into a light pattern which has as nearly as possible the same information as the original x-ray beam. The more light a screen produces for a given input of x-radiation, the less x-ray exposure and thus shorter exposure time are needed to expose the film. In most film-screen systems, the film is sandwiched between two screens in a cassette so that the emulsion on each side is exposed to the light from its contiguous screen.
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Film-Screen Systems, X-Ray
Radiographic Intensifying Screens
Screen-Film Systems, X-Ray
Screens, Radiographic Intensifying
X-Ray Film-Screen Systems
Xray Intensifying Screens
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Angiography (1977-1981)
Mammography (1977-1981)
Radiographic Image Enhancement (1977-1981)
Radiography (1977-1981)
Technology, Radiologic (1977-1981)
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89; was see under RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGE ENHANCEMENT 1982-88
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89(82); was see under RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGE ENHANCEMENT 1982-88
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