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Neoplasms, Second Primary
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a 2d or more neopl of same or different histol type at same or different sites: do not confuse with NEOPLASMS, MULTIPLE PRIMARY (see note there); often follows ther (note X refs); IM; coord with each specific histol type (IM) & each precoord organ/neopl term (IM); do not use /‌compl with specific multiple neopl terms to show multiplicity; Manual; differentiate from NEOPLASM METASTASIS (Manual & NEOPLASM RECURRENCE, LOCAL: Manual
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Abnormal growths of tissue that follow a previous neoplasm but are not metastases of the latter. The second neoplasm may have the same or different histological type and can occur in the same or different organs as the previous neoplasm but in all cases arises from an independent oncogenic event. The development of the second neoplasm may or may not be related to the treatment for the previous neoplasm since genetic risk or predisposing factors may actually be the cause.
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Cancer, Second Primary
Metachronous Neoplasms
Metachronous Second Primary Neoplasms
Neoplasms, Metachronous
Neoplasms, Metachronous Second Primary
Neoplasms, Therapy-Associated
Neoplasms, Therapy-Related
Neoplasms, Treatment-Associated
Neoplasms, Treatment-Related
Second Cancer
Second Malignancy
Second Neoplasm
Second Primary Neoplasms
Second Primary Neoplasms, Metachronous
Therapy-Associated Cancer
Therapy-Associated Neoplasms
Therapy-Related Cancer
Therapy-Related Neoplasms
Treatment-Associated Cancer
Treatment-Associated Neoplasms
Treatment-Related Cancer
Treatment-Related Neoplasms
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Neoplasms, Multiple Primary (1966-1991)
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Neoplasms, Multiple Primary
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