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Leukemic Infiltration
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IM; coord with organ /‌pathol (IM) (not the precoord organ/neopl term) + the specific type of leukemia /‌pathol (IM), as "leukemic infiltration of the skin in lymphocytic leukemia" = LEUKEMIC INFILTRATION (IM) + SKIN /‌pathol (IM) (not SKIN NEOPLASMS) + LEUKEMIA, LYMPHOID /‌pathol (IM); Manual
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A pathologic change in leukemia in which leukemic cells permeate various organs at any stage of the disease. All types of leukemia show various degrees of infiltration, depending upon the type of leukemia. The degree of infiltration may vary from site to site. The liver and spleen are common sites of infiltration, the greatest appearing in myelocytic leukemia, but infiltration is seen also in the granulocytic and lymphocytic types. The kidney is also a common site and of the gastrointestinal system, the stomach and ileum are commonly involved. In lymphocytic leukemia the skin is often infiltrated. The central nervous system too is a common site.
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specific leukemia (1966-1992)
specific neoplasm (1966-1992)
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