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Midline Thalamic Nuclei MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Midline Thalamic Nuclei
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Small, nonspecific nerve cells scattered in the periventricular GRAY MATTER, separating the medial part of the thalamus from the EPENDYMA of the THIRD VENTRICLE. The group includes the paraventricular nucleus, paratenial nucleus, reuniens nucleus, rhomboidal nucleus, and subfascular nucleus.
Entry Term(s)
Midline Nuclear Group
Midline Nuclei of Thalamus
Nucleus Reuniens
Nucleus Reuniens Thalami
Parataenial Nucleus
Paratenial Nucleus
Paratenial Thalamic Nucleus
Paraventricular Nucleus of Thalamus
Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus
Periventricular Nuclei of Thalamus
Reuniens Nucleus
Reuniens Thalamic Nucleus
Rhomboid Nucleus
Rhomboid Thalamic Nucleus
Rhomboidal Nucleus
Subfascular Nucleus
Subfascular Thalamic Nucleus
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Thalamic Nuclei (1971-1999)
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Midline Thalamic Nuclei Preferred
Subfascular Thalamic Nucleus Narrower
Reuniens Thalamic Nucleus Narrower
Rhomboid Thalamic Nucleus Narrower
Paratenial Thalamic Nucleus Narrower
Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus Narrower
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