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Epilepsy, Partial, Motor MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Epilepsy, Partial, Motor
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A disorder characterized by recurrent localized paroxysmal discharges of cerebral neurons that give rise to seizures that have motor manifestations. The majority of partial motor seizures originate in the FRONTAL LOBE (see also EPILEPSY, FRONTAL LOBE). Motor seizures may manifest as tonic or clonic movements involving the face, one limb or one side of the body. A variety of more complex patterns of movement, including abnormal posturing of extremities, may also occur.
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Focal Clonic Seizures
Focal Motor Epilepsy
Focal Tonic Seizures
Hemimotor Epilepsy
Hemimotor Seizure Disorder
Motor Partial Seizure Disorder
Motor Seizure Disorder
Partial Epilepsy, Motor
Partial Seizure Disorder, Motor
Seizure Disorder, Hemimotor
Seizure Disorder, Motor
Seizure Disorder, Partial, Motor
Versive Seizures
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Epilepsies, Partial (1977-1999)
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Epilepsy, Partial, Motor Preferred
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Hemimotor Seizure Disorder Narrower
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Focal Tonic Seizures Narrower
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