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Mammary Glands, Human MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Mammary Glands, Human
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for animals use MAMMARY GLANDS, ANIMAL
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Glandular tissue in the BREAST of human that is under the influence of hormones such as ESTROGENS; PROGESTINS; and PROLACTIN. In WOMEN, after PARTURITION, the mammary glands secrete milk (MILK, HUMAN) for the nourishment of the young.
Entry Term(s)
Human Mammary Gland
Human Mammary Glands
Mammary Alveoli, Human
Mammary Ducts, Human
Mammary Epithelia, Human
Mammary Epithelium, Human
Mammary Gland
Mammary Glands
Mammary Lobules, Human
Previous Indexing
Breast (1965-2003)
Public MeSH Note
2004; see BREAST 1975-2003
History Note
2004; use BREAST 1975-2003
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Mammary Glands, Human Preferred
Mammary Lobules, Human Narrower
Mammary Ducts, Human Narrower
Mammary Alveoli, Human Narrower
Mammary Epithelia, Human Narrower
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