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Qa-SNARE Proteins MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Qa-SNARE Proteins
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A subfamily of Q-SNARE PROTEINS which occupy the same position as syntaxin 1A in the SNARE complex and which also are most similar to syntaxin 1A in their AMINO ACID SEQUENCE. This subfamily is also known as the syntaxins, although a few so called syntaxins are Qc-SNARES.
Entry Term(s)
Syntaxin 10
Syntaxin 10 Protein
Syntaxin 11
Syntaxin 11 Protein
Syntaxin 13
Syntaxin 13 Protein
Syntaxin 17
Syntaxin 17 Protein
Syntaxin 18
Syntaxin 18 Protein
Syntaxin 1A Homologs
Syntaxin 3
Syntaxin 3 Protein
Syntaxin 3A
Syntaxin 3A Protein
Syntaxin 3B
Syntaxin 3B Protein
Syntaxin 3C
Syntaxin 3C Protein
Syntaxin 3D
Syntaxin 3D Protein
Syntaxin 4
Syntaxin 4 Protein
Syntaxin 5
Syntaxin 5 Protein
Syntaxin 6
Syntaxin 6 Protein
Syntaxin 7
Syntaxin 7 Protein
Syntaxin 8
Syntaxin 8 Protein
Syntaxin Protein
Syntaxin Proteins
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2006; SYNTAXIN (now QA-SNARE PROTEINS) was indexed under MEMBRANE PROTEINS 1995-2005 and PROTEINS 1994
History Note
2006 (1994)
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Syntaxin 13 Narrower
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Syntaxin 18 Narrower
Syntaxin 3 Narrower
Syntaxin 3A Narrower
Syntaxin 3B Narrower
Syntaxin 3C Narrower
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Syntaxin 4 Narrower
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Syntaxin 10 Narrower
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