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Derived from TELENCEPHALON, cerebrum is composed of a right and a left hemisphere. Each contains an outer cerebral cortex and a subcortical basal ganglia. The cerebrum includes all parts within the skull except the MEDULLA OBLONGATA, the PONS, and the CEREBELLUM. Cerebral functions include sensorimotor, emotional, and intellectual activities.
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Cerebral Hemispheres
Left Cerebral Hemisphere
Right Cerebral Hemisphere
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WL 307
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Brain (1963-2000)
Telencephalon (1966-2007)
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2008; see TELENCEPHALON 2001-2007, see BRAIN 1975-2000
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2008; use TELENCEPHALON 2001-2007; use BRAIN 1975-2000
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Cerebrum Preferred
Right Cerebral Hemisphere Narrower
Cerebral Hemispheres Narrower
Left Cerebral Hemisphere Narrower
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