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Lasers, Semiconductor
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/ther use: coordinate IM with disease /‌surg (IM), but for low-level laser therapy coordinate / ther use IM with disease /‌radiother (IM) + LOW-LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY (IM)
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Lasers with a semiconductor diode as the active medium. Diode lasers transform electric energy to light using the same principle as a light-emitting diode (LED), but with internal reflection capability, thus forming a resonator where a stimulated light can reflect back and forth, allowing only a certain wavelength to be emitted. The emission of a given device is determined by the active compound used (e.g., gallium arsenide crystals doped with aluminum or indium). Typical wavelengths are 810, 1,060 and 1,300 nm. (From UMDNS, 2005)
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Diode Lasers
GaAlAs Lasers
GaAs Lasers
Gallium Aluminum Arsenide Lasers
Gallium Arsenide Lasers
Lasers, GaAlAs
Lasers, GaAs
Lasers, Gallium Aluminum Arsenide
Lasers, Gallium Arsenide
Lasers, Quantum Cascade
Quantum Cascade Lasers
Semiconductor Diode Lasers
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Lasers (1986-2007)
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