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do not confuse with VULVAR VESTIBULITIS
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Complex pain syndrome with unknown etiology, characterized by constant or intermittent generalized vulva pain (Generalized vulvodynia) or localized burning sensations in the VESTIBULE area when pressure is applied (Vestibulodynia, or Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome). Typically, vulvar tissue with vulvodynia appears normal without infection or skin disease. Vulvodynia impacts negatively on a woman's quality of life as it interferes with sexual and daily activities.
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Generalized Vulvodynia
Previous Indexing
Dyspareunia (1987-2007)
Vulvar Vestibulitis (2008-2009)
Vulvitis (1987-2007)
See Also
Vulvar Vestibulitis
Public MeSH Note
2010; for Vestibulodynia, see VULVAR VESTIBULITIS SYNDROME 2008-2009
History Note
2010; for Vestibulodynia, use VULVAR VESTIBULITIS SYNDROME 2008-2009
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Vulvodynia Preferred
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Generalized Vulvodynia Narrower
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