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Harmful Algal Bloom MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Harmful Algal Bloom
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ALGAL BLOOM is also available
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An algal bloom where the algae produce powerful toxins that can kill fish, birds, and mammals, and ultimately cause illness in humans. The harmful bloom can also cause oxygen depletion in the water due to the death and decomposition of non-toxic algae species.
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Red Tide
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Eutrophication (2003-2009)
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Shellfish Poisoning
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2010; for RED TIDE see DINOFLAGELLIDA 1986-2009, see RED TIDE 1979-1985, see MASTIGOPHORA 1974-1978
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2010; for RED TIDE use DINOFLAGELLIDA 1979-2009, use INVERTEBRATES 1974-1978
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