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Arterial Pressure MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Arterial Pressure
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The blood pressure in the ARTERIES. It is commonly measured with a SPHYGMOMANOMETER on the upper arm which represents the arterial pressure in the BRACHIAL ARTERY.
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Aortic Blood Pressure
Aortic Pressure
Aortic Pulse Pressure
Aortic Tension
Arterial Blood Pressure
Arterial Tension
Blood Pressure, Aortic
Blood Pressure, Arterial
Mean Aortic Pressure
Mean Arterial Pressure
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WG 108
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Blood Pressure (1963-2012)
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Arterial Pressure Preferred
Aortic Pulse Pressure Related
Mean Arterial Pressure Related
Aortic Pressure Narrower
Mean Aortic Pressure Related
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