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Delusional Parasitosis MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Delusional Parasitosis
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note entry terms containing "Ekbom": do not confuse with entry terms for RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME which also contain "Ekbom"
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A delusional disorder of belief in infestation by insects or other parasites. This FORMICATION is typically accompanied by dermatological manifestation such as PRURITUS that may lead to self-mutilation in order to remove the perceived parasites. It can be either primary or secondary to a somatic or psychiatric condition.
Entry Term(s)
Delusory Parasitosis
Dermatozoic Delusion
Ekbom Delusional Parasitosis
Ekbom Delusory Parasitosis
Ekbom Dermatozoic Delusion
Ekbom Psychogenic Parasitosis
Psychogenic Parasitosis
See Also
Morgellons Disease
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2014; see Restless Legs Syndrome 2000-2013
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2014; use Restless Legs Syndrome 2000-2013
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Delusional Parasitosis Preferred
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