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DNA Ligase ATP
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ATP-dependent cellular enzyme which catalyzes DNA replication, repair and recombination through formation of internucleotide ester bonds between phosphate and deoxyribose moieties. Vertebrate cells encode three well-characterized DNA ligases, DNA ligase I, III and IV, all of which are related in structure and sequence. DNA ligases either require ATP or NAD. However, archaebacterial, viral, and some eubacterial DNA ligases are ATP-dependent.
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ATP-Dependent DNA Ligase
DNA Ligase I
DNA Ligase II
DNA Ligase III
DNA Ligase IIIalpha
DNA Ligase IV
DNA Ligases, ATP-Dependent
LIGIIIalpha Protein
Polydeoxyribonucleotide Synthase ATP
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2018; DNA LIGASE (ATP) was indexed under DNA LIGASES 1986-2016; DNA LIGASE IIIALPHA was indexed under DNA LIGASES 1991-2017
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2018 (1986)
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