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Anesthesia, Closed-Circuit MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Anesthesia, Closed-Circuit
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/educ: coord IM (no qualif) with ANESTHESIOLOGY /‌educ (NIM)
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Inhalation anesthesia where the gases exhaled by the patient are rebreathed as some carbon dioxide is simultaneously removed and anesthetic gas and oxygen are added so that no anesthetic escapes into the room. Closed-circuit anesthesia is used especially with explosive anesthetics to prevent fires where electrical sparking from instruments is possible.
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Anesthesia, Rebreathing
Closed-Circuit Anesthesia
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WO 277
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Anesthesia, Inhalation (1966-1986)
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91; was see under ANESTHESIA, INHALATION 1987-90
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91(87); was see under ANESTHESIA, INHALATION 1987-90
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Anesthesia, Closed-Circuit Preferred
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