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Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic
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Dysfunction of the URINARY BLADDER due to disease of the central or peripheral nervous system pathways involved in the control of URINATION. This is often associated with SPINAL CORD DISEASES, but may also be caused by BRAIN DISEASES or PERIPHERAL NERVE DISEASES.
Entry Term(s)
Bladder Disorder, Neurogenic
Bladder Neurogenesis
Bladder, Neurogenic
Neurogenic Bladder
Neurogenic Bladder Disorder
Neurogenic Bladder, Atonic
Neurogenic Bladder, Spastic
Neurogenic Bladder, Uninhibited
Neurogenic Dysfunction of the Urinary Bladder
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder Disorder
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Atonic
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Spastic
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Uninhibited
Neuropathic Bladder
Urinary Bladder Disorder, Neurogenic
Urinary Bladder Neurogenesis
Urinary Bladder Neurogenic Dysfunction
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WJ 500
Public MeSH Note
2007; see BLADDER, NEUROGENIC 1966-2006
History Note
2007 (1966)
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Urinary Bladder, Neurogenic Preferred
Urinary Bladder Neurogenesis Related
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Atonic Narrower
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Spastic Narrower
Neurogenic Urinary Bladder, Uninhibited Narrower
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