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Reflex, Abnormal MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Reflex, Abnormal
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do not use Cat C or E qualif
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An abnormal response to a stimulus applied to the sensory components of the nervous system. This may take the form of increased, decreased, or absent reflexes.
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Entry Term(s)
Abnormal Deep Tendon Reflex
Abnormal Reflex
Abnormal Reflexes
Bulbocavernosus Reflex, Decreased
Bulbocavernousus Reflex Absent
Hoffman's Reflex
Palmo-Mental Reflex
Reflex, Absent
Reflex, Acoustic, Abnormal
Reflex, Anal, Absent
Reflex, Anal, Decreased
Reflex, Ankle, Abnormal
Reflex, Ankle, Absent
Reflex, Ankle, Decreased
Reflex, Biceps, Abnormal
Reflex, Biceps, Absent
Reflex, Biceps, Decreased
Reflex, Corneal, Absent
Reflex, Corneal, Decreased
Reflex, Decreased
Reflex, Deep Tendon, Abnormal
Reflex, Deep Tendon, Absent
Reflex, Gag, Absent
Reflex, Gag, Decreased
Reflex, Knee, Abnormal
Reflex, Knee, Decreased
Reflex, Moro, Asymmetric
Reflex, Pendular
Reflex, Triceps, Abnormal
Reflex, Triceps, Absent
Reflex, Triceps, Decreased
Reflexes, Abnormal
NLM Classification #
WL 340
See Also
Autonomic Dysreflexia
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Reflex, Abnormal Preferred
Reflex, Triceps, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Ankle, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Biceps, Abnormal Narrower
Reflex, Biceps, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Biceps, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Anal, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Ankle, Abnormal Narrower
Abnormal Deep Tendon Reflex Narrower
Bulbocavernosus Reflex, Decreased Narrower
Bulbocavernousus Reflex Absent Narrower
Hoffman's Reflex Narrower
Hyperreflexia Narrower
Hyporeflexia Narrower
Palmo-Mental Reflex Narrower
Reflex, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Acoustic, Abnormal Narrower
Reflex, Anal, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Corneal, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Corneal, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Deep Tendon, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Gag, Absent Narrower
Reflex, Gag, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Knee, Abnormal Related
Reflex, Knee, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Moro, Asymmetric Narrower
Reflex, Pendular Narrower
Reflex, Triceps, Abnormal Narrower
Reflex, Triceps, Decreased Narrower
Reflex, Ankle, Absent Narrower
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