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Bone Lengthening MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Bone Lengthening
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not restricted to long bones; coordinate IM with specific bone /‌surg (IM) or specific disease /‌surg (IM)
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Increase in the longest dimension of a bone to correct anatomical deficiencies, congenital, traumatic, or as a result of disease. The lengthening is not restricted to long bones. The usual surgical methods are internal fixation and distraction.
Previous Indexing
Leg Length Inequality (1966-1971)
Osteotomy (1966-1971)
specific bone/surgery (1966-1971)
See Also
Tissue Expansion
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72; LEG LENGTHENING was heading 1967-71
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search LEG LENGTHENING under LEG LENGTH INEQUALITY 1966-71 (as Prov 1966)
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72; LEG LENGTHENING was heading 1964-71 (Prov 1964-66)
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Bone Lengthening Preferred
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