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Epilepsy, Generalized
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"generalized" as opposed to "focal" or partial ( = EPILEPSIES, PARTIAL); prefer specific indentions; note entry term EPILEPSY, TONIC: do not confuse with EPILEPSY, TONIC-CLONIC
Scope Note
Recurrent conditions characterized by epileptic seizures which arise diffusely and simultaneously from both hemispheres of the brain. Classification is generally based upon motor manifestations of the seizure (e.g., convulsive, nonconvulsive, akinetic, atonic, etc.) or etiology (e.g., idiopathic, cryptogenic, and symptomatic). (From Mayo Clin Proc, 1996 Apr;71(4):405-14)
Entry Term(s)
Convulsive Generalized Seizure Disorder
Convulsive Seizure Disorder, Generalized
Epilepsy, Akinetic
Epilepsy, Atonic
Epilepsy, Tonic
Generalized Convulsive Epilepsy
Generalized Nonconvulsive Epilepsy
Generalized Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorder
Generalized Onset Seizure Disorder
Generalized Seizure Disorder, Convulsive
Generalized Seizure Disorder, Nonconvulsive
Nonconvulsive Generalized Seizure Disorder
Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorder, Generalized
Seizure Disorder, Convulsive, Generalized
Seizure Disorder, Generalized
Seizure Disorder, Generalized Nonconvulsive
Seizure Disorder, Generalized Onset
Seizure Disorder, Generalized, Convulsive
Seizure Disorder, Nonconvulsive Generalized
Symptomatic Generalized Epilepsy
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Epilepsy (1966-1991)
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1992; was EPILEPSY, GENERALIZED (NON MESH) 1977-1991
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Epilepsy, Generalized Preferred
Epilepsy, Akinetic Narrower
Symptomatic Generalized Epilepsy Narrower
Epilepsy, Tonic Narrower
Generalized Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorder Narrower
Convulsive Generalized Seizure Disorder Narrower
Epilepsy, Atonic Narrower
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