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Nucleus Accumbens MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Nucleus Accumbens
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Collection of pleomorphic cells in the caudal part of the anterior horn of the LATERAL VENTRICLE, in the region of the OLFACTORY TUBERCLE, lying between the head of the CAUDATE NUCLEUS and the ANTERIOR PERFORATED SUBSTANCE. It is part of the so-called VENTRAL STRIATUM, a composite structure considered part of the BASAL GANGLIA.
Entry Term(s)
Accumbens Nucleus
Nucleus Accumbens Septi
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WL 314
Previous Indexing
Cerebral Ventricles (1966-1977)
Septal Nuclei (1972-1977)
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91; was see under SEPTAL NUCLEI 1978-90
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91(78); was see under SEPTAL NUCLEI 1978-90
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