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Tooth Root
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dis: coord IM with TOOTH DISEASES (IM); root fract or radicular fract: index under TOOTH ROOT /‌inj (IM) + TOOTH FRACTURES (IM); dilaceration of root: index under TOOTH ROOT /‌abnorm; TOOTH APEX is available
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The part of a tooth from the neck to the apex, embedded in the alveolar process and covered with cementum. A root may be single or divided into several branches, usually identified by their relative position, e.g., lingual root or buccal root. Single-rooted teeth include mandibular first and second premolars and the maxillary second premolar teeth. The maxillary first premolar has two roots in most cases. Maxillary molars have three roots. (Jablonski, Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992, p690)
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WU 235
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