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RNA, Satellite
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RNA molecules acting as molecular parasites of various RNA plant viruses; coord IM with specific plant virus /‌genet (IM or NIM) but note that CUCUMBER MOSAIC VIRUS SATELLITE is available
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Small, linear single-stranded RNA molecules functionally acting as molecular parasites of certain RNA plant viruses. Satellite RNAs exhibit four characteristic traits: (1) they require helper viruses to replicate; (2) they are unnecessary for the replication of helper viruses; (3) they are encapsidated in the coat protein of the helper virus; (4) they have no extensive sequence homology to the helper virus. Thus they differ from SATELLITE VIRUSES which encode their own coat protein, and from the genomic RNA; (=RNA, VIRAL); of satellite viruses. (From Maramorosch, Viroids and Satellites, 1991, p143)
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Satellite RNA
Satellite RNAs
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RNA (1981-1996)
RNA, Viral (1974-1996)
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Helper Viruses
Satellite Viruses
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97; SATELLITE RNA was indexed under RNA 1981-96
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use RNA, SATELLITE (NM) to search SATELLITE RNA 1981-96
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97; was SATELLLITE RNA (NM) 1981-96
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