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Tibial Neuropathy MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Tibial Neuropathy
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Disease of the TIBIAL NERVE (also referred to as the posterior tibial nerve). The most commonly associated condition is the TARSAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. However, LEG INJURIES; ISCHEMIA; and inflammatory conditions (e.g., COLLAGEN DISEASES) may also affect the nerve. Clinical features include PARALYSIS of plantar flexion, ankle inversion and toe flexion as well as loss of sensation over the sole of the foot. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1995, Ch51, p32)
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Internal Popliteal Neuropathy
Lateral Plantar Neuropathy
Medial Plantar Nerve Disease
Medial Plantar Neuropathy
Medial Popliteal Neuropathy
Posterior Tibial Nerve Diseases
Posterior Tibial Neuropathy
Tibial Nerve Diseases
Tibial Neuropathy, Post-Traumatic
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Peripheral Nervous System Diseases (1968-1999)
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Tibial Neuropathy Preferred
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Medial Plantar Neuropathy Narrower
Lateral Plantar Neuropathy Narrower
Medial Plantar Nerve Disease Narrower
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