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Chromosome Fragile Sites
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Specific loci that show up during KARYOTYPING as a gap (an uncondensed stretch in closer views) on a CHROMATID arm after culturing cells under specific conditions. These sites are associated with an increase in CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY. They are classified as common or rare, and by the specific culture conditions under which they develop. Fragile site loci are named by the letters "FRA" followed by a designation for the specific chromosome, and a letter which refers to which fragile site of that chromosome (e.g. FRAXA refers to fragile site A on the X chromosome. It is a rare, folic acid-sensitive fragile site associated with FRAGILE X SYNDROME.)
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Fragile Sites, Chromosome
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Chromosome Fragility (1982-2003)
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Chromosome Fragility
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Fragile X Syndrome
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2004; see CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY 1982-2003
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2004; use CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY 1982-2003
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