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Periodontal Debridement MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Periodontal Debridement
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Removal or disruption of DENTAL DEPOSITS and plaque-retentive DENTAL CALCULUS from tooth surfaces and within the periodontal pocket space without deliberate removal of CEMENTUM as done in ROOT PLANING and often in DENTAL SCALING. The goal is to conserve dental cementum to help maintain or re-establish healthy periodontal environment and eliminate PERIODONTITIS by using light instrumentation strokes and nonsurgical techniques (e.g., ultrasonic, laser instruments).
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Nonsurgical Periodontal Debridement
Periodontal Pocket Debridement
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Debridement (1972-2010)
Dental Scaling (1993-2010)
Subgingival Curettage (1978-2010)
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Subgingival Curettage
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Periodontal Debridement Preferred
Periodontal Pocket Debridement Narrower
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