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Broca Area
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Functional neuroanatomical region of the inferior frontal gyrus consisting of pars opercularis and pars triangularis. It is important in SPEECH and LANGUAGE production. Injuries to Broca area are associated with BROCA APHASIA and APRAXIA.
Entry Term(s)
Broca's Area
Broca's Region
Broca's Speech Area
Brodmann Area 44
Brodmann Area 45
Brodmann's Area 44
Brodmann's Area 45
Pars Opercularis
Pars Triangularis
See Also
Wernicke Area
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2015; see FRONTAL LOBE 1982-2014
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2015 (1982); use FRONTAL LOBE 1982-2014
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Broca Area Preferred
Pars Triangularis Narrower
Pars Opercularis Narrower
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