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Laryngeal Muscles MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Laryngeal Muscles
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/growth: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT; /‌embryol: coordinate with MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT if pertinent
Scope Note
The striated muscle groups which move the LARYNX as a whole or its parts, such as altering tension of the VOCAL CORDS, or size of the slit (RIMA GLOTTIDIS).
Entry Term(s)
Aryepiglottic Muscle
Arytenoid Muscle
Cricoarytenoid Muscles
Cricothyroid Muscles
Thyroarytenoid Muscles
Thyroepiglottic Muscle
Vocal Muscle
Vocalis Muscle
NLM Classification #
WV 480
Previous Indexing
Larynx (1966-1978)
Muscles (1966-1978)
Public MeSH Note
91; was see under MUSCLES 1979-90
History Note
91(79); was see under MUSCLES 1979-90
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Laryngeal Muscles Preferred
Vocal Muscle Narrower
Thyroepiglottic Muscle Narrower
Cricoarytenoid Muscles Narrower
Cricothyroid Muscles Narrower
Thyroarytenoid Muscles Narrower
Aryepiglottic Muscle Narrower
Arytenoid Muscle Narrower
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