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Sterilization, Tubal MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Sterilization, Tubal
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Procedures that render the female sterile by interrupting the flow in the FALLOPIAN TUBE. These procedures generally are surgical, and may also use chemicals or physical means.
Entry Term(s)
Aldridge Procedure
Chemical Tubal Occlusion
Cooke Method
Cornual Coagulation
Irving Method
Kroener Fimbriectomy
Kroener Method
Ligation, Tubal
Madlener Method
Nonchemical Tubal Occlusion
Occlusion, Chemical Tubal
Occlusion, Nonchemical Tubal
Pomeroy Method
Pomeroy Sterilization
Tubal Ligation
Tubal Occlusion
Tubal Occlusion, Chemical
Tubal Occlusion, Nonchemical
Tubal Rings
Uchida Method
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WP 660
Previous Indexing
Fallopian Tubes (1966-1972)
Sterilization, Sexual (1966-1972)
See Also
Sterilization Reversal
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Sterilization, Tubal Preferred
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Cooke Method Narrower
Cornual Coagulation Narrower
Fimbriectomy Narrower
Irving Method Narrower
Tubal Occlusion, Nonchemical Narrower
Ligation, Tubal Narrower
Madlener Method Narrower
Pomeroy Method Narrower
Tubal Rings Related
Tubal Occlusion Narrower
Tubal Occlusion, Chemical Narrower
Uchida Method Narrower
Kroener Fimbriectomy Narrower
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