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Tarsal Bones
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note entry terms; TALUS & CALCANEUS are available; do not confuse with TARSUS see ANKLE or TARSAL JOINTS
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The seven bones which form the tarsus - namely, CALCANEUS; TALUS; cuboid, navicular, and the internal, middle, and external cuneiforms.
Entry Term(s)
Ankle Bones
Cuboid Bone
Cuneiform Bones
Navicular Bone of Foot
Os Naviculare
Tarsus Osseus
Previous Indexing
Ankle (1966-1971)
Ankle Joint (1966-1971)
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Public MeSH Note
72; TARSUS OSSEUS was see TARSUS 1988-96
Online Note
use TARSUS to search TARSUS OSSEUS 1988-96
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72; TARSUS OSSEUS was see TARSUS 1988-96
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Tarsal Bones Preferred
Cuneiform Bones Narrower
Cuboid Bone Narrower
Navicular Bone of Foot Narrower
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