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Temporal Lobe MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Temporal Lobe
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diseases: coordinate with BRAIN DISEASES; neoplasms: coordinate with BRAIN NEOPLASMS
Scope Note
Lower lateral part of the cerebral hemisphere responsible for auditory, olfactory, and semantic processing. It is located inferior to the lateral fissure and anterior to the OCCIPITAL LOBE.
Entry Term(s)
Anterior Temporal Lobe
Brodmann Area 20
Brodmann Area 21
Brodmann Area 22
Brodmann Area 37
Brodmann Area 38
Brodmann Area 52
Brodmann's Area 20
Brodmann's Area 21
Brodmann's Area 22
Brodmann's Area 37
Brodmann's Area 38
Brodmann's Area 52
Fusiform Gyrus
Gyrus Fusiformis
Gyrus Temporalis Superior
Inferior Horn of Lateral Ventricle
Inferior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle
Inferior Temporal Gyrus
Lateral Occipito-Temporal Gyrus
Lateral Occipitotemporal Gyrus
Middle Temporal Gyrus
Occipitotemporal Gyrus
Parainsular Area
Planum Polare
Superior Temporal Gyrus
Temporal Cortex
Temporal Gyrus
Temporal Horn
Temporal Horn of the Lateral Ventricle
Temporal Operculum
Temporal Region
Temporal Sulcus
NLM Classification #
WL 307
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Temporal Lobe Preferred
Inferior Temporal Gyrus Narrower
Anterior Temporal Lobe Narrower
Parainsular Area Narrower
Middle Temporal Gyrus Narrower
Fusiform Gyrus Narrower
Brodmann Area 37 Narrower
Planum Polare Narrower
Superior Temporal Gyrus Narrower
Temporal Operculum Narrower
Temporal Sulcus Narrower
Temporal Gyrus Narrower
Brodmann Area 38 Narrower
Inferior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle Related
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