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Occipital Lobe MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Occipital Lobe
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diseases: coordinate IM with BRAIN DISEASES (IM); neoplasms: coordinate IM with BRAIN NEOPLASMS (IM)
Scope Note
Posterior portion of the CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES responsible for processing visual sensory information. It is located posterior to the parieto-occipital sulcus and extends to the preoccipital notch.
Entry Term(s)
Annectant Gyrus
Calcarine Fissure
Calcarine Sulcus
Cuneate Lobule
Cuneus Cortex
Cuneus Gyrus
Gyrus Lingualis
Lingual Gyrus
Lunate Sulcus
Medial Occipitotemporal Gyrus
Occipital Cortex
Occipital Gyrus
Occipital Region
Occipital Sulcus
Sulcus Calcarinus
NLM Classification #
WL 307
Date Established
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Occipital Lobe Preferred
Calcarine Sulcus Narrower
Cuneus Narrower
Lingual Gyrus Narrower
Occipital Sulcus Narrower
Lunate Sulcus Narrower
Cuneate Lobule Narrower
Occipital Gyrus Narrower
Annectant Gyrus Narrower
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