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RNA, Guide, Kinetoplastida MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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RNA, Guide, Kinetoplastida
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Do not confuse with RNA, GUIDE, CRISPR-Cas SYSTEMS
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Small kinetoplastid mitochondrial RNA that plays a major role in RNA EDITING. These molecules form perfect hybrids with edited mRNA sequences and possess nucleotide sequences at their 5'-ends that are complementary to the sequences of the mRNA's immediately downstream of the pre-edited regions.
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Guide RNA, Kinetoplastida
Kinetoplastid Guide RNA
Kinetoplastid gRNA
Kinetoplastida Guide RNA
Leishmania Guide RNA
RNA, Guide Kinetoplastids
RNA, Guide Leishmania
RNA, Guide Trypanosoma
RNA, Kinetoplastida Guide
Trypanosoma Guide RNA
Trypanosoma gRNA
gRNA, Kinetoplastid
gRNA, Trypanosoma
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RNA (1990-1992)
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RNA Editing
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see RNA, GUIDE (1990-2022); was GUIDE RNA (NM) 1990-1992
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use RNA, GUIDE (NM) to search GUIDE RNA 1990-92
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use RNA, GUIDE 1990-2022
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RNA, Guide, Kinetoplastida Preferred
Leishmania Guide RNA Narrower
Trypanosoma Guide RNA Narrower
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