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Trefoil Factor-3 MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Trefoil Factor-3
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A 59 amino acid (6.6 kDa) trefoil factor that contains a single trefoil domain. It is expressed in all tissues with MUCOUS MEMBRANES, including GOBLET CELLS of the SMALL INTESTINE and LARGE INTESTINE. It associates with MUCIN-2 in the small intestine and may regulate epithelial CELL MIGRATION and WOUND HEALING.
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Intestinal Trefoil Factor
TFF3 Peptide
TFF3 Protein
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2017; TREFOIL FACTOR-3 was indexed under PEPTIDES 2006-2016; and under MUCINS and MUSCLE PROTEINS 1993-2005
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2017 (1992)
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