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Complement C3b Inactivator Proteins MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Complement C3b Inactivator Proteins
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Endogenous proteins that inhibit or inactivate COMPLEMENT C3B. They include COMPLEMENT FACTOR H and COMPLEMENT FACTOR I (C3b/C4b inactivator). They cleave or promote the cleavage of C3b into inactive fragments, and thus are important in the down-regulation of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION and its cytolytic sequence.
Entry Term(s)
C3b Inactivators
C3b Inhibitors
Complement 3b Inactivators
Complement 3b Inhibitors
Complement C3b Inactivators
Complement C3b Inhibitor Proteins
Conglutinogen Activating Factors
Pharm Action
Complement Inactivating Agents
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Complement 3 (1975-1977)
Serum Globulins (1970-1977)
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 3B INACTIVATORS 1978-2005
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2006 (1978)
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