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Person-Centered Psychotherapy MeSH Descriptor Data 2022

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Person-Centered Psychotherapy
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A nondirective psychotherapy approach originated by Carl Rogers. The goals of therapy are to promote the client’s congruence, self awareness, and self acceptance. This approach views the client as naturally directed toward self actualization, and only needing facilitative conditions in order to promote this tendency.
Entry Term(s)
Client-Centered Therapy
Nondirective Therapy
Rogerian Therapy
Therapy, Client-Centered
Therapy, Nondirective
Therapy, Rogerian
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WM 420.5.N8
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2019; see PERSON-CENTERED THERAPY 2016-2018; see THERAPY, NONDIRECTIVE 1965-2015
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Person-Centered Psychotherapy Preferred
Client-Centered Therapy Broader
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