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Imagery, Psychotherapy
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a psychotherapy technique; do not confuse with the imagery or mental images produced by the imagination ( = IMAGINATION)
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The use of mental images produced by the imagination as a form of psychotherapy. It can be classified by the modality of its content: visual, verbal, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, or kinesthetic. Common themes derive from nature imagery (e.g., forests and mountains), water imagery (e.g., brooks and oceans), travel imagery, etc. Imagery is used in the treatment of mental disorders and in helping patients cope with other diseases. Imagery often forms a part of HYPNOSIS, of AUTOGENIC TRAINING, of RELAXATION TECHNIQUES, and of BEHAVIOR THERAPY. (From Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, vol. 4, pp29-30, 1994)
Entry Term(s)
Directed Reverie Therapy
Guided Imagery
Imagery (Psychotherapy)
Imagery Psychotherapy
Imagery, Guided
Imagery, Psychotherapeutic
Psychotherapeutic Imagery
Psychotherapy Imagery
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Relaxation Techniques (1980-1995)
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2020; was IMAGERY (PSYCHOTHERAPY) 1996-2019
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2020 (1996); was IMAGERY (PSYCHOTHERAPY) 1996-2019
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Imagery, Psychotherapy Preferred
Directed Reverie Therapy Narrower
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