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Genes, Suppressor
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GENES, TUMOR SUPPRESSOR is also available; do not use for genes involved in suppression of a physiologic process: index the physiologic process /‌genet + specific gene if pertinent (genes involved in memory suppression = MEMORY /‌genet + specific gene term if pertinent but not GENES, SUPPRESSOR)
Scope Note
Genes that have a suppressor allele or suppressor mutation (SUPPRESSION, GENETIC) which cancels the effect of a previous mutation, enabling the wild-type phenotype to be maintained or partially restored. For example, amber suppressors cancel the effect of an AMBER NONSENSE MUTATION.
Entry Term(s)
Amber Suppressor Genes
Frameshift Suppressor Genes
Genes, Amber Suppressor
Genes, Frameshift Suppressor
Genes, Nonsense Mutation Suppressor
Genes, Ochre Suppressor
Genes, Opal Suppressor
Genes, Second-Site Suppressor
Nonsense Mutation Suppressor Genes
Ochre Suppressor Genes
Second-Site Suppressor Genes
Suppressor Genes
Previous Indexing
Genes, Suppressor (1968-1979)
Suppression, Genetic (1980-1990)
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Suppression, Genetic
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91; was see SUPPRESSION, GENETIC 1980-90; was heading 1970-79
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use SUPPRESSION, GENETIC to search GENES, SUPPRESSOR 1968-90 (Prov 1968-69)
History Note
91; was see SUPPRESSION, GENETIC 1980-90; was heading 1968-79 (Prov 1968-69)
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Genes, Suppressor Preferred
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