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Serine Proteases MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Serine Proteases
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do not confuse with SERINE ENDOPEPTIDASES
Scope Note
Peptide hydrolases that contain at the active site a SERINE residue involved in catalysis.
Entry Term(s)
Serine Protease
Serine Protein Hydrolases
Serine Proteinase
Serine Proteinases
Registry Number
EC 3.4.-
Related Numbers
EC 3.4.-
Public MeSH Note
2010; see SERINE ENDOPEPTIDASES 2000-2009, see SERINE PROTEINASES 1988-1999
History Note
2010, 1988-1999; use SERINE ENDOPEPTIDASES 2000-2009
Entry Combination
antagonists & inhibitors:Serine Proteinase Inhibitors
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Serine Proteases Preferred
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