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DNA Glycosylases MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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DNA Glycosylases
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A family of DNA repair enzymes that recognize damaged nucleotide bases and remove them by hydrolyzing the N-glycosidic bond that attaches them to the sugar backbone of the DNA molecule. The process called BASE EXCISION REPAIR can be completed by a DNA-(APURINIC OR APYRIMIDINIC SITE) LYASE which excises the remaining RIBOSE sugar from the DNA.
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DNA Glycosylase
DNA N-glycosidase
Methylpurine DNA Glycosylase
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EC 3.2.2.-
Previous Indexing
DNA (1978-1981)
Glycoside Hydrolases (1978-1981)
N-Glycosyl Hydrolases (1982-2003)
Public MeSH Note
2004; DNA GLYCOSIDASES was indexed under N-GLYCOSIDE HYDROLASES 1982-2003, under GLYCOSIDE HYDROLASES & DNA 1978-1981
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2004; use DNA GLYCOSIDASES (NM) 1980-2003
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DNA Glycosylases Preferred
Methylpurine DNA Glycosylase Narrower
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