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Integrin alphaV MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Integrin alphaV
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"V" in alphaV is the letter not the roman numeral
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An alpha integrin with a molecular weight of 160-kDa that is found in a variety of cell types. It undergoes posttranslational cleavage into a heavy and a light chain that are connected by disulfide bonds. Integrin alphaV can combine with several different beta subunits to form heterodimers that generally bind to RGD sequence-containing extracellular matrix proteins.
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Antigens, CD51
CD51 Antigen
CD51 Antigens
Integrin alpha V
alpha(V) Integrin
alphav Integrin
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Antigens, CD (1994-2002)
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2003; INTEGRIN ALPHAV was indexed under ANTIGENS, CD 1994-2002
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2003; use INTEGRIN ALPHAV (NM) 1994-2002
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Integrin alphaV Preferred
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