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Integrin alpha6 MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Integrin alpha6
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An integrin alpha subunit that primarily associates with INTEGRIN BETA1 or INTEGRIN BETA4 to form laminin-binding heterodimers. Integrin alpha6 has two alternatively spliced isoforms: integrin alpha6A and integrin alpha6B, which differ in their cytoplasmic domains and are regulated in a tissue-specific and developmental stage-specific manner.
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Antigens, CD49f
CD49f Antigen
CD49f Antigens
Integrin alpha6A
Integrin alpha6B
alpha(6) Integrin
alpha6 Integrin
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Antigens, CD (1994-2002)
See Also
Integrin alpha6beta1
Integrin alpha6beta4
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2003; INTEGRIN ALPHA6 was indexed under ANTIGENS, CD 1994-2002
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2003 (1994)
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Integrin alpha6 Preferred
Integrin alpha6B Narrower
Integrin alpha6A Narrower
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