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Complement C1
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/antag permitted but consider also COMPLEMENT C1 INACTIVATOR PROTEINS
Scope Note
The first complement component to act in the activation of CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT PATHWAY. It is a calcium-dependent trimolecular complex made up of three subcomponents: COMPLEMENT C1Q; COMPLEMENT C1R; and COMPLEMENT C1S at 1:2:2 ratios. When the intact C1 binds to at least two antibodies (involving C1q), C1r and C1s are sequentially activated, leading to subsequent steps in the cascade of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION.
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C1 Complement
Complement 1
Complement Component 1
Pharm Action
Immunologic Factors
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QW 680
Previous Indexing
Calcium (1966-1974)
Complement (1968-1974)
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 1 1978-2005, see COMPLEMENT 1975-1977
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2006 (1975)
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Complement C1 Preferred
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