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Homer Scaffolding Proteins MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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Homer Scaffolding Proteins
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Homer proteins belong to a family of adaptor and scaffold proteins which include Homer1, Homer2 and Homer3. Homer1 and Homer2 play a role in the regulation of calcium homeostasis, whereas Homer3 functions in stimulating changes in actin dynamics in neurons and T-cells. Homer proteins are best known as scaffold proteins at the post-synaptic density where they facilitate synaptic signaling. They function as a molecular switch in metabotropic glutamate receptor (MGluR) signaling, and are associated with human Fragile X syndrome.
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Homer 1
Homer 1 Proteins
Homer 1C
Homer 1C Proteins
Homer 1a
Homer 2
Homer 2 Proteins
Homer 3
Homer 3 Proteins
Homer Protein
Homer Proteins
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2017; HOMER PROTEIN was indexed under NEUROPEPTIDES 1997-2004, and under CARRIER PROTEINS 2005-2016
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2017 (1997)
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